No, this isn’t fast food. Those may look like normal fries, but they are far from it. You see, I have a very natural and healthy cooking philosophy. I cook as much from scratch as I possibly can. I also use the most healthy ingredients whenever possible. It takes a certain lazy spirit to, upon getting a craving for french fries, get off ones’ butt and go to the drive through. You are assured three things if you do that- 1) You will be damaging your body with deadly nutrition, 2) you will get fat and ugly, 3) you will spend more money than you should be.

Upon staring at that pile of fries on my plate are you wondering where I get off saying such things? Well, I made those fries! No, they aren’t from a bag of frozen fries from the store either. I got a sweet potato (which is actually healthy for you), cut it up in french fry strips, and put it in a saucepan of hot olive oil. Olive oil is super good for you- You should have at least 1 tablespoon per day. There are many nutrients that are classified as “fat soluble”, meaning your body won’t absorb them if you aren’t eating good fats.

Sweet potato fries are amazing. You can either contrast the sweet fry with salt or you can compliment and deepen the sweetness with a hint of sugar. I initially made them with hamburgers but a couple potato’s make way more fries than I had imagined- So I actually ended up getting 3 meals out of them.

You can take this olive oil frying method further and use it for pretty much anything you normally buy fried. Another favorite is making nachos with freshly fried whole wheat chips. How do you get chips? Easy- You cut tortillas into triangles. It’s not rocket science. Everything you eat at restaurants is made somewhere for dirt cheap with the most unhealthy ingredients to reap the biggest profit. You can flip a switch, make it at home, and realize not only a huge savings from your pocketbook but also your wasteline. Enjoy!…